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What To Do When You Have Problem Neighbors

There’s nothing worse than problem neighbors. After long days at work, we just want to come home and relax; when our neighbors disturb our peace it can be especially challenging. Before you hire a lawyer or list your house for sale, there are a few strategies you can employ to make things better.

• Get to Know Them Better – Take an interest in the neighbor and try to understand the issues from their end. Talk about how to resolve the differences together so you’re both happy.

• Be Proactive – If you are having a big party or scheduling some major remodeling, let your neighbors know and try to accommodate their needs as well.

• Document the Problems – Keep careful records in case you do need to address the issue legally.

• Talk With Your Other Neighbors – Seek community support and assistance. If others are having similar issues, gather their information also and gain their help.

• Talk to the City/County/HOA – Often the issues you have with your neighbors are part of a municipal code or HOA R&Rs; talk to these entities and ask for help and guidance.

• Consider Mediation – Ask your neighbor if they would be willing to go to a professional mediator to try and resolve the issues.

• Hire a Lawyer – If nothing else has worked, then it’s time to hire an attorney and deal with the issues legally.

Difficult neighbors can be a serious issue. Problems range from leaves dropping on your lawn to drug dealing. Don’t feel like you have to live with the issue or move; take steps to try and resolve and know that there are ways to solve the issues.

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